We address a range of construction types & occupancies. From Assessment & Analysis of existing environments to Remedial Design & Upgrades... We apply our expertise with conscience to meet our clients' particular needs.





Single-Family Homes


Apartments  &  Condos

Specialized Environments:

Low-Income Housing, Senior Living & Historical Restoration


Mixed Use


Public Use/Educational


Commercial & Light Industrial



For a list of specific projects, please inquire at pyrit@stone-arches or call our San Francisco office @ 415-388-4730. We do a great deal of claims analysis & remedial design in conjunction with litigation. We trust you understand the need for confidentiality. For such projects, we can only provide you the locations and our scope of work for selected issues which have already settled and are on the public record.




Featured Project:


Kahuku Hauoli Hale - Senior Housing & Community Center

                                               Oahu, Hawaii.                   Winner of NAIOP Award