We provide both GENERAL DUE DILIGENCE and 11th MONTH ASSESSMENTS. We review the project documents, conduct a visual reconnaissance and render a report of findings.


GENERAL ASSESSMENTS are for properties that haven't undergone recent improvements.These reports are suitable if you need to know the overall "health" of your property and identify items requiring immediate or future attention. Or, if you plan to sell your property and need to learn of conditions for disclosure. Assessments are conducted per ASTM E-2018-15 Industry Standards and include an appending Order of Magnitude cost opinion. Reports serve as a valuable tool for establishing a repair & maintenance budget or for developing a Scope of Work for future construction.


11th MONTH ASSESSMENTS address recently completed construction which is still under the Contractor's warranty. Since Contractors must correct any deficiencies at their own expense within 1 year of completion, it's to the Owner's benefit to insure that shortcomings are corrected before the warranty expires.


Whether your project is long-standing or new, our assessments focus on overall construction, installation & Code compliances.